Courses for CNA

The first step for the candidates ambition to become certified nursing assistant is to enroll for the certification course of a CNA. This is a mandatory and primary requirement for all the candidates. Classes for the same are conducted by several nursing homes, community colleges, long term care facilities, and health care training institutes such as the American Red Cross Institute. Often the Registered Nurses (RN) or a certified nursing assistant instructor teaches the students in a CNA course. These instructors generally possess two years of work experience in this field.

Who can Pursue the Course?

Of course, all the aspirants willing to develop a career in the nursing sector can pursue this course. However, there are certain criteria for the same which need to be fulfilled. They are mentioned below:

CNA Courses

  • Completion of the General Educational Development (GED) or a high school diploma
  • Fulfillment of the minimum age requirement. Generally, students of 18 years age and above are proved to be liable to pursue the training. However, in some states the minimum age requirement is 16 years.
  • Successful accomplishment of background checks for criminal records and medical check ups for physical condition of the body are also mandatory

Tips Useful to Find the Right CNA Course School

  • Ask the senior nursing assistants about the best training institute
  • Contact the State Board of Nursing to find the list of accredited training centers along with their addresses
  • Directly visit the community colleges and nursing schools to find information
  • Internet and newspapers are also useful sources
  • Friends and relatives can also be of great help

CNA Course Structure

The nursing assistant course in all the schools and all the modes of learning comprises of theoretical and practical sessions. The minimum duration of the course is 75 hours that is a mandatory requirement in all the states. During the theoretical or classroom sessions students are taught the following things:

  • Medical terms and concepts
  • Diseases, their symptoms, and their prevention methods
  • Importance of hygiene
  • Safety measures during an emergency
  • Human body anatomy and physiology
  • Importance of communication
  • Patient's rights

During the practical sessions, you will learn the responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant. Some of them are:

  • Usage of medical equipment
  • Changing the bed linens
  • Conducting vital tests
  • Sterilizing the medical instruments
  • Giving a sponge bath to the patients
  • Transporting the residents

Study Material

Apart from the textbooks provided by the training institute, there are many other nursing aide books available in the market. Some of the best selling books are:

  • Netware Training Guide
  • Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants
  • CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram
  • Becoming a Nursing Assistant- Enjoy the Extensive Rewards of a Certified Nursing Assistant Career
  • Nursing Assistant/ Nurse Aide Exam

Different Ways to Pursue the CNA Course

Apart from the full time (classroom training), there are two more ways to pursue the course. They are mentioned as follows:

  • Part time: Part time classes are conducted for those, who cannot opt for full time classes. These classes are either conducted in the evening or during the weekends. The only drawback of part time classes is the length of these courses. They usually last for two and a half to three months. The advantage of joining part time classes is that you do not need to leave your current job.
  • Online Programs: Another option of pursuing this course is the online method. You can study all the nursing concepts at any place as per your preference. The only thing you need is internet connection. An important thing that you should keep in mind while opting for this mode is the center you choose for training. Make sure that the training institute you choose is a renowned and a reputed one. Teaching material will be available through e-books that can be later downloaded. However, in order to complete the practical part of the training and to get hands on experience of the nursing aide duties, you will have to attend the practical session in a medical setting for a certain number of hours.

Course Cost: The cost of the course is one of the essential factors that needs to be considered while seeking admission. This cost factor not only varies from one state to another, but also varies from one institute to another. The average cost of the training ranges from USD 400 to USD 1,800. This includes tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, and fees for the nursing examination. In order to help students overcome the burden of fees, many nursing schools have started to offer free CNA classes.

Free CNA Classes

Free CNA classes are convenient options to manage the training expenses. If your financial position is not good enough to bear the cost of training, you can still become a professional by applying to the various financial schemes run by the state and federal governments. Possibility of receiving of cost-free training is also there with healthcare facilities. If you are truly to want avail opportunities where you can train yourself with spending any money, find out the ways and methods on

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