CNA Courses in Maine

There are plenty of opportunities in the healthcare sector and the certified nursing assistant courses are the most sought after as they provide a lucrative career as soon as you finish the certification. You may be an aspirant who wants to pursue CNA courses in your state and it is mandatory that you know every detail about the course and the schools and colleges which offer them. CNA courses in Maine are one of the most sought after ones and there are thousands of aspirants who want to pursue courses which are approved by the state.

Certified nursing assistant courses which are approved by the state of Maine are also same as the CNA courses offered at Orlando FL, Los Angeles, and in other cities and states, but there are slight differences in terms of eligibility criteria and other aspects of the training program. The course is for 180 hours and the duration of the training will be for twelve weeks. There would be reading and writing tests which are to be compulsorily cleared in order to be enrolled for the training program.

Key Points of the Training Program maine cna courses

Certified nursing aides are in high demand in hospitals and other institutes throughout the state and it is in your hands to select the right school or college to pursue the training. The school or college has to be accredited by the state only then it would be worth pursuing a course from the institute.

A certified nursing aide needs professional training which includes imparting of both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Most of the training programs are based heavily on practical clinical sessions and there are comparatively less number of theoretical sessions.

The role of a nursing aide is very important irrespective of whether he or she is employed in hospitals, mental wards, nursing homes, old age homes and private homes. The nursing assistant spends the longest time duration with the patient and takes care of all the needs of the patient. The needs may include day-to-day needs like taking bath, having food, changing clothes, etc. There are other needs as well which include medical help like changing the dressing, ensuring intake of prescribed medicines, etc. You as a nursing aide would be expected to handle the frequent mood swings of the patient and be patient to fulfill their every need.

The training program covers topics like meeting nutritional needs of the patient, communication skills, CPR and Basic Life Support, body mobility skills, common health issues, safe patient care delivery, assistance for daily activities etc.

Apart from the theoretical classes and the clinical sessions, there are skill labs which aim to improve your skills in taking vital signs of the patient and helping the patient to maintain hygiene.

The clinical sessions help the aspirants to get hands on experience in working in a nursing unit in a hospital or healthcare institute. A reading comprehension test has to be cleared in order to be enrolled for the training program and the score should be in the range of 11 to 12.9. Only then you would be allowed to submit the application form for the program. Another major criterion for enrollment is that you should not have been convicted of theft, sexual abuse or any offense in a healthcare institute. Any criminal offense with a punishment of more than three years will disqualify you to be a part of the training program.

How to Apply?

There is a certain procedure to apply for the CNA courses in Maine. The course is offered thrice a year, during September, January and March. Information sessions are conducted which are mandatory to appear and the application form and other material provided have to be brought completed to the information session. The TABE test which tests your reading comprehension is also given at the time of the information session and you will have to score the minimum required number in order to be considered for the training program.

The application packet you should bring for the session should consist of the duly filled application form, two copies of any identification card with your photograph and your signature. You can bring two copies of your driver's license or State ID card. You need to bring a single copy of the proof of high school graduation and two copies of your Social Security Card. It is compulsory to bring the signed State Bureau of Investigation form which clears you off any offense or felony in the past. There is also the need for two references from supervisors who are currently employed or employed in the past.

References from teachers or leaders with repute will also be considered. The information session is followed by a perusal of the applications and the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interview. The training program will be a rigorous one as the aspirants have to undergo strenuous physically demanding activities and training.

CNA courses for free can also pursued which are offered with grants by the state and loans provided by government institutions can also be availed. Some of such courses are also offered by Red Cross. CNA courses in Maine will help you become a thorough professional and pursue a lucrative career in the healthcare sector with a high paying job.

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