CNA Crash Course

The health-care sector has got plenty of opportunities to pursue a career but the highly demanded course is the certified nursing assistant program. The minimum duration for the normal full time classroom training for CNA's is 75 hours that may at times last to 160 hours as well. During this course, students will be taught all the required skills and duties that are to be performed by a nursing aide in a health care facility. Due to its long duration, some of the candidates find it inconvenient and search for short term CNA classes. One such short term way of pursuing this course is through the CNA crash course.

CNA at Red Cross is also another way to complete a professional training program in a short period. CNA crash courses are also called as accelerated certified nursing aide programs. Free certified nursing assistant courses are also offered in shorter durations, which are not necessarily free but you can avail them through grants provided by government in certain schools and colleges.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for pursuing the crash course are:

  • Completion of at least 18 years of age
  • Should have completed at least the General Educational Development (GED) or the high school diploma
  • You will have to undergo a background verification to check if you have been part of any public offenses or felony in the past years
  • You should not be suffering from any physical or mental disability. Therefore, you should undergo a physical examination test to check the same.

nurse aide crash course

Other Qualifying Examinations

Most of the institutes conduct competency exams before providing admission to the aspirants. These competency exams are designed to check the following skills of the candidates:

  • Reading and Writing Abilities
  • Communication Skills
  • English Proficiency
  • Basic knowledge of Computer

The nursing aides are the ones who spend maximum amount of time in serving the patients and taking care of their health. It is essential for them to communicate with the residents. That is why communication and English language proficiency are checked. They are also responsible to enter few records in the computer database and prepare health charts by conducting vital tests for the patients. This requires knowledge about the computer basics.

Aspects of CNA Crash Courses

  • Accreditation: Fast track training programs are offered by many reputed educational institutes such as community colleges and health care organizations such as the hospitals. You should make sure that the institute to which you are seeking admission is an accredited one. There are few other training institutes that do not hold any accreditation value, but conduct crash courses for nursing aides. The drawback of seeking admission to such unaccredited institutes is less job opportunities. Most of the employers provide jobs only to those certified nursing assistants who have pursued the training from a reputed and recognized training center.
  • Duration: The duration of nursing aide crash courses is approximately around 2 weeks. However, in some cases the course may also last to a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Fees: The fees for such fast track courses are expensive as compared to the fees of classroom training. The fees may differ from one state to the other and it also depends on the institute through which you pursue the training. The fee for the crash course includes things such as the stethoscope and CNA books required for completing the course successfully.
  • Online: There are few institutes that conduct online accelerated courses for certified medication aides as well. This is also a good option to pursue the training as quick as possible.

Training Module

During the 2 week training schedule, instructors cover all the essential contents of the course. Though, both the theoretical and practical sessions are conducted, more focus is given on the practical part, as the students are taught about the responsibilities of a certified nursing aide and also gain a hands on experience working under the supervision of licensed practical nurse (LPN). The course syllabus is similar to that of a full time classroom training, but the only difference being the duration. Since these are fast track programs, the teaching pattern would be different, as the course would be completed on a quick note. Therefore, it is advisable that the students planning to opt for this course must be:

  • Quick Learners
  • Should Possess Good Grasping Power
  • Extremely Attentive/ High Concentration Level

Once the training is completed, the next step is to appear for the competency CNA certification exams that are organized by the State Board of Nursing. It is mandatory to pass both the sections of the exams: written test and the skills evaluation test. It is advisable to go through several practice tests before you appear for the final examination. This helps you to become aware about the pattern of the examination that ultimately gives you confidence while writing the answers and performing the practical skills.

Choosing for CNA crash course is an excellent option if you do not have sufficient time to spend for the regular training. Once you become a certified nursing assistant, you may end up getting lucrative jobs which will pay you anywhere in the range of USD 24,000 to USD 30,000 per year. CNA crash course is in high demand as such certified professionals are required in hospitals, nursing homes, mental wards and private nursing homes. Health-care industry provides immense scope for a certified nursing assistant or aide to grow and become a successful professional. Therefore, they have introduced several modes of pursuing the training so that all the aspirants find it convenient to enroll for this course.

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