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If you have the desire to become a certified nursing aide, but do not have time to attend the classroom training, then pursuing the course through the online mode is the best option for you. Though, you may find that most people attempt to choose for classroom training, but the option of an online course also carries equal importance and recognition among most of the health care facilities. Due to its availability and benefits, many candidates are attracted towards this mode of learning. online nurse aide

Requirements for Pursuing Online CNA Course

  • Educational Requirements: Should have completed either General Educational Development (GED) or high school diploma from a recognized school
  • Age: A minimum of 18 years is compulsory. The age requirement is not the same throughout the United States of America. In California, candidates of 16 years of age are provided admission for pursuing the nursing course. Therefore, it is advisable to check the age requirement of your respective state.
  • Medical Records: You would be required to submit medical check-up documents that indicate your physical health condition. This also includes the tuberculosis (TB) test.
  • Background Verification: Documents indicating your past record should be verified and submitted. Your fingerprint card is used for carrying out investigation of any public offenses against your name.

Important Aspects of Online CNA Training

The course content is similar to that of classroom training. The only difference is that in full time courses, the students have to attend the classes in the training center for a stipulated number of hours, whereas in online mode, students have to log in using their user id and password at any time throughout the entire course. The duration of the training usually lasts for around 5 to 6 weeks and the minimum duration of the course that is essential to be completed is of 75 hours.

The contents that are included in the course are body mechanics, physiology and anatomy of the human body, nutrition, hygiene, infection control, pharmacology, residential rights and communication.

Students get an opportunity to participate in several online discussions along with their classmates and the instructor. Lectures are conducted through video conferencing. Students get a chance to give presentations as well. Completion of assignments, solving exercises and attending tests are also conducted that helps the student to become more skillful.

Though all the theoretical concepts are taught online, it is not possible to learn the clinical skills in the same manner. For undergoing the practical sessions, candidates are called in a medical facility or in a clinical setting. The instructors available there demonstrate the clinical skills to the students. Therefore the students will have to appear for the practical session as per the given schedule by the institute.

Fees for Online CNA Courses

The fees for online CNA courses as compared to full time training are very low. For example, in Florida, the cost is around USD 50. However, it is essential to pursue the training through accredited and reputed schools so that you do not get cheated by any organizations, who are money makers and frauds. Information about the accredited schools and their original fees are available at the respective State Board of Nursing.

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Online CNA Course List

Given below is the list of few institutes that conduct online nursing aide programs:-

  • Johnson County Community College:

    Address:- 12345 College Boulevard Overland Park, KS 66210, United States

  • University of Notre Dame:

    Address:- North Eddy Street Notre Dame, Indiana 46556, United States

  • Johns Hopkins University:

    Address:- 3400 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218, United States

  • Des Moines University

    Address:- 3200 Grand Avenue Des Moines, IA 50312, United States

Types of Online CNA Courses

Online nursing aide training is conducted by several health care organizations such as the community colleges, nursing schools, hospitals, technical colleges, and vocational schools. Some schools also offer free online CNA training. Many opt for free CNA courses online as there are many advantages which make them a viable option as compared to the regular full-time courses. However, most of the institutes that offer free online course only provide assistance in gaining knowledge about the responsibilities and role of a certified medication aide, as they do not assist them in obtaining the certification. The candidates have to take the necessary steps on their own to obtain the certificate.

Advantages of Online Nursing Course

  • Location is not a problem. You can study at any place you feel convenient provided there is a computer and internet
  • You can study at any time you want, as the resources and tools are made available 24/7
  • E-books are available online and can be downloaded. Therefore, there is no issue about any training or study material.
  • Expenses on traveling will be reduced to a great extent
  • The cost of the training is also less


  • You will witness limited interaction with both the instructor as well as other classmates.
  • If you are not good at time management, then this mode of learning is not a good option. You should learn to manage your time and study all the concepts within the given duration of time.
  • You would witness a kind of competition among your other classmates. Self motivation is the only key to study sincerely. Those who do not possess this quality may find this mode a difficult one.

Thus, online CNA courses are extremely beneficial for working candidates provided you choose the right course in the right college. It is the duty of the students to take proper advantage of all the facilities and training material provided that would help you to excel in the final nursing aide certification exams.

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